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Turbocharge Your SMM Services with Bulk Email Services

Unlock a new revenue stream with Axee's easy-to-use, powerful cold email platform. Maximize your client's reach and skyrocket your sales today!

Ratings (624)
Ratings (624)

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Axee

Experience the freedom of endless capabilities to expand your reach and boost your business. With Axee, the sky is truly the limit.

Unlimited Campaigns

Launch as many campaigns as your strategy demands, with no restrictions.

In-house HTML Editor

Craft stunning, personalized emails effortlessly with our integrated HTML editor.

Scheduled Campaings

Send emails at peak times for maximum engagement with our scheduling feature.

Unlimited Team Members

Invite as many team members as you need for efficient, streamlined operations.

Measure & Analyze

Gain a deep understanding of your campaign's performance with in-depth analytics.

Email Verification

Filter out invalid emails for a higher campaign success rate.

Boost Your Revenue with Axee: Affordable and Effective Cold Email Marketing

Venture into the profitable realm of cold email marketing with Axee. We offer the most affordable managed solution, setting you on the fast track to increased sales.

Cold Email
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Team Members
Online/Whatsapp Support
Unlimited Domains
Plan Validity
1 Month
1 Month

Integrated Email Verification: Power Up with ZeroBounce

Axee integrates seamlessly with top-tier email verification service ZeroBounce. Say goodbye to bounces and improve your delivery rates, ensuring your clients' messages reach genuine, active inboxes every time.

Detailed Analytics: Measure, Learn, and Improve

Stay informed and fine-tune your strategy with Axee's comprehensive analytics. Track open rates, click rates, and more to gain insights and drive optimal campaign performance.

Enjoy a Free Trial of Axee Today

Take the first step towards superior email marketing. Sign up now and experience the full suite of Axee's powerful features with our free trial.

The Kickstarter

A good place to begin your journey with Axee


What's included:
10,000 Emails
200 Emails/hour
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Lists
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlt. Autoresponders
Advance Stats
Lifetime Validity
Online chat and whatsapp Support

The Gold Standard

Upgrade to premium features for golden results


What's included:
All The Kickstarter
5% Discount
50,000 Emails 
1,000 Emails/hour
Unltd. Team Members

The Proven Path

Advanced tools for the seasoned marketer


What's included:
All Gold Standard
7.5% Discount
100,000 Emails
2,000 Emails/hour

Even Larger Plans

We have 3 more larger plans. Starting at:


What's included:
All Proven Path
Upto 1M Emails
Upto 10k Emails/Hour
1-on-1 Quick Start Call
Priority Phone, Whatsapp and Email
Private IPs
Heavy Discounts

Powered by BuzzLuna, Axee is backed by a team of digital marketing experts committed to driving results and innovation. Our team at BuzzLuna brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, offering cutting-edge technology and consistently successful processes to ensure Axee's users achieve their email marketing goals. We are dedicated to transparency, results, and helping you boost your business's revenue and client reach.


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